innovLaVie / InnovYourLife is a brand from the French Tech Startup ACVFIT

founded by Caty Ebel Bitoun, MD and Veronique Brunais Le Pautremat, PhD

"Our patients deserve to gain awareness in their Health Lifestyle so they can be empowered and manage their quality of life. Our innovative ICT tools can help them to have a Healthy and Active Ageing"


caty ebel bitoun et véronique brunais le pautremat

InnovLaVie / InnovYourLife founder
Caty Ebel Bitoun et
Véronique Brunais le Pautremat

- Our goal is to provide ICT innovative solutions in Health Care prevention in order to impact into the future World Wide Health Care system, smart cities and support Healthy and Active ageing.

- Using Big data technology, we ethically provide our customer Lifestyle predictive recommandations.

- Our company is awareded ESS (social economy company) as ACVFIT solutions provide concrete daily positive social impact.

Caty Ebel Bitoun
Medical Doctor

20 years of international and multicultural experience in research and connected Health

Véronique Brunais le Pautrenat

20 years in HealthCare market research

Medical and scientific expert board

This board of expert provide you state of the art updated ICT and medical information. We translate them into a comprehensive language so you can take the right decision for you and those you care.

VitalinQ : Our European partner

You will benefit from an unique added value European program, build with a multidisciplinary and cultural team.

A dietetician network across France and NL

To provide you premium service and individualised and personalised advices, reciepe and counseling.

A High Value Data scientist and statistical team

We take special care of your data. We store them in a secured server, provide data privacy protection and analyse them in transparency to provide added value to you.